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  六十一、Construction And Industry施工901. Take no risks. Safety first. 不要冒险,安全第一。

  902. Hello, gentlemen. How is everything going? 先生们,你们好,一切都顺利吗?

  903. I think so. Here are the monitor records. 挺好,请看这些监视纪录。

  904. Today, we’ll drill 18m deep holes. 今天,我们要打18米深的井。

  905. The water truck was stranded. 水罐车误住了。

  906. Let that rig tow it out. 叫那部钻机把它拖出来。

  907. That bit is worn out, change it, please. 那个钻头磨损太厉害了,需要换个新的。

  908. Dig the mud-pit larger, Xiao Li. 小李,把泥浆挖大点。

  909. Clear the screen frequently, don’t stop it up. 常刮连泵头,别让它堵住了。

  910. That pipe thread is bad. Use another one instead. 那个钻杆的丝扣坏了,换另外一根。

  911. Make joints quickly. 快点接钻杆。

  912. My spade rod is broken. Give me a new one, please. 我的铁锹把断了,请给我一个新的。

  913. Pass me a pipe wrench, please. 请把管钳递给我。

  914. This portable rig can only drill 15m deep holes. 这台人抬钻机只能打15米深的井。

  915. How long does it take to drill a hole? 打一口井要多长时间?

  916. Let’s move to the next point. 搬到下一个点。

  917. Oh, there’s a swivel leakage. Stop drilling, please. 哦,水龙头漏了,别打井了。

  918. The hose is broken, Let’s change it for a new one. 高压管破了,换个新的。

  919. This hydraulic switch is out of order. 这个液压开关失灵了。

  920. Don’t forget to tamp the hole well. Tamping is as important as the hole depth. 别忘了填井,填井和井深一样重要。

  921. Let’s stop here. Get in the car and go home. 就干到这吧,上车回家。

  922. Add some coolant into the radiator, please. 请给水箱里加些冷却液。

  923. Refuel my truck with diesel oil, please. I want light diesel oil No.0. 请给我加些柴油,我要零号轻柴油。

  924. Give me 100 liter of gasoline (petrol), please. Motor gasoline No.85. 请给我加一百公升汽油,85号车用汽油。

  925. Can I leave my truck here? 我可以把车停在这吗?

  926. Where can I have my car washed? 在哪里可以洗车?

  927. This truck’s inner tube is broken. Help me to mend it, please. 这部车的内胎爆了,请帮我补一下好吗?

  928. What food are we going to prepare for the crews today? 今天为施工队做什么饭?

  929. Jiao zi, dumpling, bun and sandwich, salted eggs, sausages, soup and mineral water. 饺子,包子,馒头和三明治,咸鸡蛋,香肠,汤和矿泉水。

  930. I want to buy some food and vegetables. Can you show me the nearest free market? 我要买些食品和蔬菜。你知道最近的自由市场在哪吗?




  这一讲比较轻松简单,Master Osifu English为大家准备了日常问候、感谢、交际、询问用语,这些在世界各地都用的上。Master Osifu English希望大家畅游世界,一切无碍。

  早晨好! Good morning!

  我不知道。I don't know.

  你好! Hello!

  我不懂英文。I can't speak English.

  晚上好!Good evening !

  请Yes, please.

  再见! Good bye!

  劳驾!Excuse me

  再见! See you later.

  对不起。I am sorry .

  晚安! Good night!

  能够帮我忙吗?Could you do me a favor?

  保重! Take care.

  请再说一次!Please say it again.

  你好吗? How are you?


  谢谢你,我很好! Fine. Thank you.

  当然!Of course.

  祝你旅途平安! Have a nice trip !

  顺便提一下!By the way.

  我叫… My name is …

  请问你贵姓? May I have you name?


  很高兴认识你。 Nice to see you!


  谢谢! Thank you very much.

  能在这里吸烟吗?May I smoke here?

  谢谢你的帮助。 Thank you for your help.

  能够使用电话吗? May I use this phone?

  不用谢。You are welcome.

  能够坐在这里吗? May I sit here?

  你说的对。That's right.

  我想问点事情。 May I ask something?

  我也这样认。 Yes, I think so.

  附近有警察局吗? Is there a police station here?

  厕所在哪里? Where is the toilet ?

  现在几点了?What time is it now?

  你是从哪里来的? Where are you from?

  我很累。I am tired.

  我应该问谁? Whom should I ask to?

  近快 As soon as possible

  这是做什么的? What is this for?

  请帮助我。Please help me !

  这非常重要。It is important

  我感觉不舒服。I feel sick.

  我时间很急。 I'm in a hurry .

  我迷路了。I'm lost.

  这些实用简单的日常交流,无论在国外还是日常生活中都能用到。Master Osifu English祝福大家。





  1.How much is it per night? 每晚费用为多少?

  2.Do you have a hotel list? 这儿有饭店目录吗?

  3.I'd like to stay for two nights. 我想要停留两晚

  4.Yes. I need book a room for tonight, and do you have any vacancies?我需要定一间房间今晚入住,请问你们还有空房吗?

  5.I'd like a double room, please. 我想要一个双人房。

  6.Yes.I have a room booked for three days starting today. Name of Lily. 是的,预定从今天开始的三天住宿,名字莉莉。

  7. It's a too high. I'm told that your hotel is offering discount now.价格有点贵,我听说你们酒店正在打折。

  8.How about the price? 价格呢?

  9. Thanks. Could you tell me which direction is right?谢谢,你能告诉我要往哪里走吗?

  10.Are there any Chinese restaurants around here?这附近有没有中国餐厅?


  12.Here you are.给你。

  13.Thank you. This is your tip.谢谢!这是给你的小费。

  1.How much is a commission?手续费是多少?

  2.How much would you like to change?你想换多少?

  3.What denomination do you want?你想要什么面额的?

  4.What kind of currency do you want?你要换哪种货币?

  5.What currency would you like to trade in?你想兑换什么钱?

  6.Where can I change some money?能不能告诉我在哪里可以换钱?

  7.Can you change this into dollars?请将这些外币兑换成美金!

  8.What are your banking hours?请问你们的营业时间是几点到几点?

  9.I might as well exchange a little extra.我还是多换一点儿好了。

  10.Can you change this into Australian Dollars?你可以兑换成澳元吗?

  11.How much is the RMB trading at today?今天人民币的成交价是多少?

  12.Can you change RMB into US dollars?可以帮我把人民币换成美元吗?

  13.Where is the money/currency exchange counter?在哪儿可以兑换货币?

  14.What's the current exchange rate for RMB?此刻人民币的兑换汇率是多少?

  15.Can you break this 100 US dollar bill?可以帮我把这100美元换成零钱吗?

  16.I'd like to change 5000 yuan into US dollars.我想将5000元人民币兑换成美元。

  17.The exchange rate is 16.11 cents for one Yuan.汇率是1元人民币换16.11美分。

  18.Please fill out this request for foreign currency.请您填写一下外币申请表。

  19.What's the exchange rate for U.S.dollars to euros?美元兑欧元的汇率是多少?

  20.Could you break this into 3 twenties,3 tens and the rest in coins, please?请把这样(100元钞)换成3张20元、3张10元,其余的换零钱。

  1.Is the flight delayed?航班延误了吗?

  2.The flight will be put off.飞机要延误了。

  3.Due to bad weather condition.因为航空管制。

  4.My flight has been delayed.我的航班延误了。

  5.What's the cause of the delay?是什么原因导致的?

  6.Will this flight get there on time?航班准点到达吗?

  7.What's the cause of the delay?飞机延误的原因是什么?

  8.How long will the flight be delayed?飞机将要延误多久?

  9.When is the new boarding time?新登机时间是什么时候?

  10.Is there any trouble with the aircraft?飞机有故障吗?

  11.The flight will take four hours.此次飞行将需要四个小时。

  12.The delay is due to heavy rain.因为大雨您的航班延误了。

  13.I have to stay here tonight.看来我今晚不得不在这儿过夜了。

  14.When is the next flight available? 下一班还有空位的班机几点?

  15.It is said that we will be informed later.据说会稍后另行通知。

  16.The flight is delayed due to the weather.航班因天气原因延误了。

  17.Don't worry. We are trying to fix it.不要紧,我们正在尽力检修。

  18.BA flight 836 was three hours late.英国航空836次航班晚点3个小时。

  19.Excuse me,how long will the flight be delayed?请问飞机将延误多久?

  20.All the flights are delayed because of the heavy fog.所有的航班都因为这场大雾延误了。




  Arriving Flights 到达航班

  Departure Lounge 候机室

  Terminal 航站楼

  To Terminal 通往航站楼

  Ticket Office 购票处

  Flight Schedule 航班时刻表

  Boarding 登机

  Airport Lounge 机场休息室

  Gate Number 登机口

  departure lounge 出境大厅

  arrive lounge 入境大厅

  transit lounge 过境休息室

  connection counter 转机柜台

  waiting room 候机室

  custom service counter 海关服务柜台


  Customs Service Area海关申报处

  Customs declaration form 海关申报表

  Duty 税金,想必大家最熟悉的词就是duty-free shop免税店,(小编每次逛完免税店都有剁手的冲动啊...)。

  Excuse me, where is the duty -free shops?



  托运的行李 checked luggage

  行李领取处 Baggage Claim Area

  Baggage claim check



  Suitcase 手提箱、行李箱

  Carryon 可以随身携带的物品,一般指可以带入机舱内的行李。


  Excuse me, could you tell me where to transfer? 或者 Where is the transfer

  counter for American Airlines?



  I missed my connecting flight. What time does the next flight leave?



  Is this the right way to Gate 23?


  Where should I board the plane?


  Where is the boarding gate?


  根据机场指示牌找登机口,相关的英文表达有:boarding 登机 、departure/boarding gate 登机口、boarding

  pass登记证、flight number 航班号


  currency exchange service counter


  May I change RMB into USD?


  What is the exchange rate today?


  Is there any service change?




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